Office Dogs- Talks and Consulting

poppyBringing pets to work is growing in popularity, and at the time of writing, about 8% of workplaces in the UK and US allow employees to bring their dogs to work.

Workplaces are changing, and employers are looking for effective ways to improve the working environment for staff, and in some cases, to motivate them to spend more time there.

Employees are also changing. Millennials, the generation who will increasingly dominate the workforce over the coming years, are committed pet owners. Although they are less likely to be married or living with partners, they are more likely to have pets than any other generation, with 75% of Americans in their thirties having a dog. So for employers, finding ways to facilitate pet ownership has the potential to give them the edge when it comes to recruiting this demographic of workers.

Studies have illustrated a host of benefits to companies and employees of having dogs in the workplace- everything from reduced stress amongst staff, to increased job satisfaction and employee retention, to the health-boosting effects that come from having pets around.

  • Reduced stress (a major contributor to employee absenteeism, and one that’s expected to rise over the coming years) and increased job satisfaction;


  • Increased cohesion and team satisfaction;


  • Lowered blood pressure in stressful situations;


  • Increased social interaction and improve mood;


  • Enhanced recruitment;


  • Improved employee retention– one study showed that staff were 53% more likely to stay with a pet friendly company;


  • Increased employee productivity.

And all of this with no financial input required from the employer! In fact, 65% of respondents to a survey in Modern Dog magazine said they would take less salary if they could bring their dog to work.

How I can help

My book on office dogs being published internationally, with the Norwegian version due out later this year, and the English version hitting the shelves in February 2019. To celebrate the launch of the book, I’ve been visiting dog-friendly workplaces in Dublin giving talks about dogs in the office.

If your workplace is dog friendly, I would be delighted to come and speak to your staff about any doggy topic of choice, or to run some dog-friendly lunchtime activities.

If you’re thinking about turning ‘dog-friendly’ why not arrange a consultation to discuss the pros and cons, the things to consider, and what you can do to create a workplace that is truly dog-friendly, rather than one that just allows dogs!

Check out my Prices page for pricing information.