Private Dog Training/Behaviour Consults

*** I am not currently taking on any new behaviour clients to allow me to focus on some new and exciting projects! Feel free to get in touch for recommendations however. I will continue to see existing clients.***



Dogs are amazing creatures, but it’s normal for there to be moments in your relationship when you’re frustrated with your dog (and when your dog is frustrated with you)- a certain culture clash can be expected when two species live as closely as ours do.

So whether you have a pesky puppy, an awful adolescent (canine only, you’re on your own with human teenagers!) or a misbehaving mutt, and you’re just about ready to send them back to whence they came- maybe try a behaviour consult first.

I offer private training and behaviour consults in the dog’s own home and surrounding areas and can help with areas such as:

  • House training;
  • Pulling on the lead;
  • Tips for a better recall;
  • Reactivity (‘aggression’) towards other dogs or people;
  • Hyperactivity- tips for promoting calm behaviour in your dog;
  • Tips for dealing with separation anxiety;
  • Providing mental stimulation for your dog;
  • Excessive barking;
  • Managing and reducing stress and stress-related activities;
  • Improving your bond with your dog;
  • Welfare consults- optimising your dog’s life.

My Methodology

There are no magic wand solutions in dog training- changing a behaviour takes time, effort and in most cases, a good deal of patience! It’s about looking at causes, rather than just dealing with symptoms, and can often require changes to how we do things and how we manage our relationship with our dogs.

I will work with you to try and understand where the problem is coming from, how to manage it, and how to modify the behaviour. My aim is always to give the human(s) involved the skills and knowledge to manage the problem themselves.

I use Turid Rugaas’s methods, which are based on simple, compassionate and natural ways to change behaviour. Her methods promote an understanding of the dog’s communication as well as an understanding of their needs, their natural way of being and how to avoid and reduce stress.

I never use punishment, intimidation or fear as a method of training or behaviour change.

I want to support you and your dog on your journey to a more harmonious relationship, and you are always welcome to contact me by phone or email between sessions with any questions arising from our sessions.


I offer a basic training package of three private sessions in your home which covers basic training as well as care and welfare information about caring for your dog. These packages are perfect for puppies or young dogs who’ve had no training.

You can find more information and pricing  here.