Puppy Classes







***I am not currently running group puppy courses, but am very happy to work with puppies on a 1:1 basis.***

Puppy classes can play an important role in setting the foundations for a harmonious life with your puppy. They allow your puppy the opportunity to have positive formative experiences with other dogs, and they allow you the opportunity to ask all the questions you’re bound to have about rearing a puppy.

If you’ve been to puppy classes before, you may find my courses are a little different. My focus is holistic. We won’t be doing puppy press-ups or drilling any behaviours- puppies have soft skeletons and joints that are not yet fused, and repetitive action can damage them.

With young puppies, we need to be building their confidence, providing them with mental stimulation, and providing them with opportunities to socialise nicely with other dogs and humans.

For humans, getting a puppy can be a really stressful time. In fact, one new puppy owner told me that they found dealing with a puppy more stressful than having a baby! Puppy classes will give you the chance to ask all of the questions that crop up about your puppy’s behaviour and development, and provide you with the opportunity to talk to other puppy parents.

These courses are aimed at puppies under four and half months, and during the 6 week course, your puppy will:

  • have nice positive experiences with other puppies and people;
  • learn to settle around other dogs;
  • learn road safety;
  • learn some basic exercises such as stay, loose lead walking and recall;
  • use his nose to do some basic scentwork.

You will:

  • learn about caring for your puppy;
  • learn about toilet training;
  • learn how to reduce nipping;
  • Have the chance to ask any questions you have about your puppy;
  • learn about nutrition, neutering, stress, etc in your dog.

There will generally be a maximum of 4 puppies per class (although occasionally there may be an extra puppy catching up on a class they missed!). Classes last 45-60 minutes, and courses run for 6 weeks.

I hope that by the end of the course both human and puppy will feel more confident about tackling life together!

Want to add a private session to your puppy course?? Or fancy getting extra-prepared with a pre-puppy consult? Too old for puppy class and looking for an alternative? Why not check out my prices page for some money saving packages!

Get in touch for further information or to book your place.


Olive practicing her ‘stay’ at her final puppy class.

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