‘I think it’s fair to say that I was almost afraid to take my dog for a walk for fear that he could pull me over. But after just one lesson with Steph, I began to feel more confident, and that confidence grew with subsequent lessons. And it was me that needed the training as much as the dog! It has transformed my relationship with Casanova, and I’m now enjoying walks. It’s not just the pulling, we’ve been working on recall, stay, drop, etc. I appreciate Steph’s gentle methods based on kindness and reward, and she has also given me advice on other doggy issues, such as food and harnesses.’

Sue and Casanova, Fulham.


‘Max is a much loved but rather tenacious terrier who was causing us considerable worry at 18 months old. Steph was recommended to us, and upon meeting her we were immediately put at ease as her love of dogs was so evident. Max has taken to her instantly and loves her visits! In just a few sessions, Steph has helped in training both us and Max, we are learning how to revisit the basics with him and to address his impulse control. We’ve been so impressed by Steph’s gentle, patient but firm approach and would recommend her to anyone with any dog or puppy.’

Grant, Ellie and Max, Fulham

max 3

 ‘Stephanie was recommended to us by a friend. We very much liked Stephanie’s positive approach straight away. Our beautiful border terrier puppy had problems settling into her new home. At 11 weeks we struggled to understand why she was growling so much. Stephanie was the perfect person to help us through this period. Her reward-based training made it very easy and quick to change Daisy’s habits and bring out all the good behaviour. Daisy is now nearly 8 months old and has become the most affectionate and happy dog. It was brilliant to have Stephanie by our side at the  beginning and her knowledge of dogs is invaluable. Without Stephanie’s advice we would have no doubt made mistakes and not have bonded in the same way with our dog.’

Sylvia and Daisy, Fulham

Daisy 8 months

‘Steph is a godsend! After one private visit at our home, we were extremely eager to attend her puppy training course. Her recommendations on everything (food, treats, games, snacks, tricks) were spot on. I call her ‘the dog whisperer’, as she was able to teach our little Toby how to break those naughty puppy habits as well as crucial commands (sit, stay, recall) on the first go!
What I love most about Steph is her massive heart. She is a true animal lover and it shows through her positive reinforcement training techniques even down to the type of harness and leads she recommends to not put as much strain on a young puppy. Our dog had a minor procedure done that I informed her about and she gave us loads of practical tips on ways to accommodate him as well as checking in with us regularly to hear about his progress. Overall my partner and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would highly recommend Steph for any age dog that needs a little help with training. Our course ended last week and we miss it already! Thanks Steph : )’
Nikki, Laurence and Toby, Putney

puppy class

‘I first made contact with Stephanie when we  had started to have behaviour issues with our then 15 month old female Border Terrier, being what I now know is called ‘reactive’ to other dogs in the park….I’d been a ‘single’ dog owner for 16 years and never had to deal with any behavioural issues previously, so it was very new territory for me.

At that time, we had also committed to getting two new puppies ( brothers from the same litter) and two other dog trainers had basically told me it was a huge mistake and wouldn’t end well…… We were crestfallen as we are massively committed and hopelessly smitten with our dogs and they are  our substitute children….!  Stephanie was  hugely supportive and gave me lots of really sensible tips and advice and intelligent reading material to help me understand what was going on. But most importantly,  the support and experience Stephanie gave, really created confidence that we were doing the right things

Stephanie was there on the day we bought the two new pups home, and helped me in the following  months with  integrating all three. The pups have just completed Steph’s ‘Puppy Classes’ and I have also recommended her to friends with  new pups. I can only sing her praises from the roof tops….. she clearly loves the dogs and her kind and reward based methods get  quick and effective results. I’m happy to report that three months in, all three of our dogs live very happily together and  it gets better week by week. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing them all cuddled up in bed together playing ‘licky face’… and my heart sings  in the park every time their recall is effective and they  eagerly come running back to me with their ears flapping in the wind… I swear they’re smiling!’

Sarah, Nick, Muttley, Gromet and Scrappy


‘As a new puppy owner, coming to the classes made me more confident and Kira learnt the commands very quickly as well as meeting other people and puppies and realizing you’re not alone! Steph’s training is very gentle and loving. You can see she’s very passionate. I will always be grateful to have met the lady with the cocker pup in the park that advised me to get in touch with Steph.’

Joana, Zedh and Kira (puppy class attendees!)


When we first got Alvin as a four year old rescue dog we were not prepared for how much work we would have to put in to him at all.
We had both had family dogs when we were younger and thought we knew what we were doing but quickly realised we were out of our depth.
Alvin had been in the rescue centre for over two months as a stray.
Within the first week of having him home he became really aggressive with all dogs, he barked constantly at home, he barked and growled at small children, elderly people, buses, cats, squirrels, car doors shutting 3 streets away….sometimes I was close to tears and would scream at him to stop. Then he’d cower and I would feel guilty. The problem was we didn’t know anything about his history.
We struggled on for 6 months, I could barely bring myself to take him for a walk, everytime I saw a dog I ended up picking him up to stop him getting to other dogs and he scratched me and barked in my face. We tried one dog trainer who came round twice, reassured me that he wasn’t overly aggressive and with the right training could be around dogs. Then she didn’t reply to my emails. I’m not sure she believed herself that he could be trained!
We came very close to giving him back to the dogs home. I think the only thing that stopped us was remembering how sad he looked when we saw him the first time. We couldn’t have lived with ourselves putting him through it again, so we accepted that we would never be able to relax when we took him outside.
I found Steph in an Internet search and she came round and showed us how to successfully get past dogs on the river path. It doesn’t work everytime but we can now keep Alvin’s attention and know how to make the whole situation less stressful for him.
Steph then told us that she was starting some socialisation classes. We took Alvin for his first class and he spent the whole time wheezing through stress, but it was also the first time I had ever seen him sniff a dog’s bum. It was my proudest moment since we took him home. We found that taking him to the classes made the biggest change in him.
He started wagging his tail outside after the classes and shows genuine interest in dogs when he’s out walking now.
I don’t think we’ll ever get to a stage where Alvin is a ‘friendly’ dog but it’s made all the difference to our life with him. He’s much more confident at home and on walks, he doesn’t go mad at every little noise and now spends most of his day asleep, just as it should be. 🙂
Sam, Ray and Alvin- Putney
The reviews below are my UK Google reviews:
Steph’s puppy classes were invaluable to our puppy and to us! As first time dog owners she totally put our minds at ease through the training process – and she has a lovely calm approach towards both owners and pups. Can’t recommend her highly enough! Thanks Steph 🙂

5 stars

Laura Rice & Buddy the French Bulldog
We totally recommend Stephanie. We are doing 1-to-1 training sessions to work on our dog’s behaviour and it is working very well. She is very dedicated, qualified and knows exactly what to do in every situation. She as well does research when we need more information on a topic. This is really appreciated. It’s a pleasure to work with her and both of our dogs love her! Thanks for everything you are doing for us and our dogs.’

5 stars

Axel & Ryan, Turkey and Dizzy
‘We had a great experience. Steph’s tips on how to care for our pup and how to train her were priceless. She’s brilliant and you can see she loves dogs. It’s also nice to meet other people and the dogs have a great time socialising as well.’

5 stars

Joana Galvez and Kira
‘We just completed Steph’s puppy class and would highly recommend. She has a well planned programme while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere in the group. She’s generous with her advice and has a gentle approach to dog training that really works’

5 stars

Shelley Burke

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